My Weight Loss Story

Hello, My name is Kenny and I am my mid 20's. I used to be much involved in sports and daily exercise, but since my knee injury i lost it all. As soon as I could walk, I immediately got involved in soccer. In our family soccer is as a belief, every child must be involved in it. I played day in day out and praticed five days a week with our local team. My father used to play professionally at the highest level and has had a good career, so my future was already planned. After years of hard work and sacrifice I was invited to a semi-proff team. Everything was going perfectly until suddenly on one traning I heard a loud crack from me knee. Me cartilage was through. I had to go under the knife and could not compete for long two years. Shortly after the surgery my health went backwards and i started gaining weight. I gave up my soccer dream, gave up on life and eating was my escape. After some hospital visits and blood tests, the doctor told me that my body was suffering and at age 25 my body was compared to a 65 year old's."Someting needs to change!" This blog will be my fitness journey to better health and better life. Up to Week 1!

My personal goal

My personal goal is to lose 100 lbs to 150 lbs, be able to run a 5 miles without breaks, play soccer again and have the blessing to have a better health and a better life. Thank u everybody for the support and kind words! I will be posting weekly updates and experiences.